Looking for some fun?

Three's Company in Plane of Existence, 2005

Like so much of our brand new site, this area is still under construction. But don't worry! We can still provide one or two fun things for you...

Here's a list of the top five fun things to do on this site (in no particular order):

  1. Fill out our Play On Words crossword to try out your skills at semi-serious wordplay.
  2. Dress up for Halloween with our special high quality cut-out-and-keep masks.
  3. Read our blog - with articles dating back to 2005. Plus contribute to the (ahem) lively discussions by leaving comments...
  4. Join our mailing list. Don't click on that link, just fill out your email on the box on the right. Hours of fun.
  5. Browse our gallery. Track the developments of Tom's facial hair through the ages.
  6. And finally, Visit some other sites when you're truly bored of ours, by heading to our links page.