We made a new thing!

Three's Company's Adventure Department

We made a very serious and grown up podcast about making theatre (and also about our new sideline business as professional adventurers but that's less important).

Find out more at AdventureDepartment.uk.

We have a new sideline!

Like many theatre companies, we're struggling to make ends meet, so, like many theatre companies, we have a sideline business as professional adventurers.

  • Do you have a perilouos mission that requires cunning and skill?
  • Does it seems like no-one will answer your cry for help?
  • Can you cover insurance costs and all reasonable expenses?

Then there's one group you can count on (which is us).

Find out more at AdventureDepartment.uk.

Our website is very old!

We built this back in the distant past, and we'll fix it in the distant future... but if you're interested in our history read on!

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